Wednesday, January 28, 2009


In between dropping into clinic for bloods, following two people into an examination room - both of whom thought the other was holding the door open for me- the door then closing in my face and knocking me back slightly with a *clunk* noise, clearly making me question my foot-door coordination (and my feathery body weight); having the new doctor profusely apologise to me when I managed to enter the room, and then having him drop the empty test bottles on the floor causing them to roll every which way and having him apologise profusely again (in a crazy, mad scientist way/voice, but really, really friendly) and then having him get my blood first time, I'm rather tired.

Only joking, I did manage to accomplish slightly more than that with my day (actually a LOT more than that) and I blame that for my tiredness. Plus it's 11pm so that's a natural 'I'm tired' time. I have enough excuses, OK?!

Oh also, this is my 601st post. Seems I have an uncanny ability to type when I have absolutely zilcho to talk about - it reflects real life really...