Sunday, December 28, 2008

S'all over...

So Christmas is over, St Stephen's Day is over....alas it's all over. Until New Year's Eve and day that is.

We had a lovely, enjoyable, quiet family Christmas this year. It was nice to have everyone home and around the house.

The holidays have mainly consisted of watching films either on Sky or on DVD. I've started watching DVDs whilst doing my nebuliser now which helps pass the time as well as encourage me to take my nebuliser (which I honestly find theee most boring thing in the world). It's a tip I actually picked up from a small relation of mine who takes a nebuliser and who watches a 30 minute programme whilst doing so. Unfortunatly I can't watch Backyardigans though. Anyway, I only watch as much of the DVD as my nebuliser allows, so it's a bit like reading a book. So far I've watched Belleville Rendez-Vous and The Prestige- both excellent films.

I picked up some cold thing on Christmas day, but thank goodness I felt strong throughout its course. I prescribed myself some antibiotics to be on the safe side though. I had a collection in my medicine cabinet so I assesed my symptoms and prescribed accordingly. I feel a lot less coldy now and just a bit coughy but other than that am right again. Amazingly, it's the first cold of the year for me. Hoo-ray! (About it being the first, not the fact that I got one...)

Other than that, I've a heck of a lot of work to be doing right now. But inbetween crashing my car causing a money's lot of damage and eating the family out of a home because I'm hungry (maybe it's a form of procrastination), I've other things to do.

Hoping you had a great Christmas. xx