Thursday, November 13, 2008


It's been a while, and yet in a sense, nothing has changed! I'm still no further on with ALL my assignments but I'm confident I'll get there somehow! I've calculated that after this week, I only have 4 more until Christmas break. I'll make a countdown of the days, hours and seconds when I attempt to write my essay later.

Nothing much exciting is happening around me the moment, which is rather how I like it. I finally meandered down to Hamley's Toy Shop which opened a couple of weeks ago. At €27 for a medium sized (but very, very soft) teddy, I don't know how much 'meandering' I'll be doing there again anytime soon. They do have an awful lot of toys, but I was expecting them to have some sort of slide or trampoline to play on. Disappointing. Maybe if I bring a child with me the next time I'll have more fun!

Health wise it's all very mundane, which again, is exactly as I like it! I have an appointment on Monday to have my little leaking tummy looked at. I had blood taken this week but interestingly the biggest bruise I have comes from whacking my hand off some random object on the corridor as I was leaving:

I had to park on the street and my meter was 10 minutes over time and I hadn't even had anyone LOOK for a vein at this point. I was very anxious about getting clamped. So after two sticks, they got their blood and I literally ran. It was when I was running, I heard a very loud clang (made louder by the fact that it was a rather echo-ey corridor). I saw people coming towards me, open their mouths and glare at me. I think I hit a fire extinguisher, and it seems I obviously have a hand made of iron or metal. Flustered, my handbag having fallen off my shoulder, I smiled meakly as continued on my "run". When I try to explain that's why I have a big yellow/black/blue hand, people seem to think I was running flailing my arms wildly. I assure I was not. I think the fire extinguisher got in my way.

Anyway, I wasn't clamped.

And that's exactly how I like it.