Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend tornado

I had an enjoyable time this past weekend. I went out on Friday night for one of the girl's birthdays. I had a small amount of alcohol to drink but for some reason, in the early hours I became highly annoyed at something and my mood just plummeted. I'm guessing it's the stress of assignments and college and a host of other things that gathered together to put me in a mood and the alcohol just made it come to the forefront. I think I shall edge slowly away from the drink in the near future...

Then last night was a most exciting evening as I was invited to a ball in the Four Seasons hotel. I got to wear a nice gown and it was a great night altogether. The compare (host?) for the evening was Alan Cantwell who presents the news on TV3 so my friend Grey (!) was delighted to meet him and have a grand old handy dandy conversation with him.

Having arrived home after 3am, I then got up at noon today and got ready for a luncheon one of the girls was hosting. And my, how she knows how to host! My idea of putting on a lunch would involve ordering pizza or putting sticks in cocktail sausages - this girl had a three course meal with full silverware and white wine. Impressive.

So now I'm home and ye ole assignment briefs are glaring at me. Depressing me. I took an oath of hibernation last week which I hope to live up to this week.

The most bizarre problem of that pulled muscle in my leg is *still* at me, and it has me limping around if I stop at any time. It's grand if I walk on it but those initial first few minutes are a killer. I seriously don't know what I've done. Maddness.