Thursday, November 20, 2008

Assignment blues

Logic would suggest that the busier I am, the less frequently I would post here. In fact, that's contrary to the reality which says that the busier I am, the more things I need to get done, the MORE I post here. In fact if I was ever to become a smoker, I don't think I'd have time to fit it in! But yet, this must be my kazillionth blog in a week.

Today the first of my many, million assignments was due in - it was worth 25% of my overall grade. So last night was the last straw, I couldn't let 25% go down the drain, no matter how much of a dedicated procrastinator I am.

So I sat down to my laptop. Got a headache. Panicked. Then started typing. I opened a book. I opened another book. Panicked. Left the room. Watched TV. Dropped my sister off out somewhere (my sister, who, when I become a fully fledged mystery detective will be come my number one case). Came back. Looked at my laptop. Browsed the Internet. Looked at the books I had opened. Then I put my leg up on a nearby chair and pulled a muscle. Howled and danced around the room in pain. Looked at my open book again. Panicked. And then I got really, really tired and decided to go to bed.

The project wasn't due until 4pm, so I went into college this morning for my 9am class. Then I signed into my 11am class and left to start working on this silly project. In reality I started working at about 12.30pm. Then I went for lunch and came back at 2pm.

And then I ploughed through and miraculously finished it and handed it up at 3.45pm.

But the problem is my leg, I now can't put any weight on it at all! I'm thinking this has something to do with trying to work hard. I've learned my lesson on that one!