Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Morning After Choices

After college, I got working on my assignments today. Then I watched Grey's Anatomy for a while. I believe there must be a balance of work and play! I haven't been eating much this past week either, so I've just had a scandishake (600 cals), a bag of crisps, four chocolate bars and a bag of butter flavoured microwave popcorn, so hopefully that should ensure my weight stays stable today!

Regarding yesterday's post, it's not really all that serious a matter (for those who have expressed worry!), but at the same time it's a decision and I don't want to have make it. I thought the problem I had would be an easy fix and it's not. C'est la vie. Anyway, like a procrastinator's dream, I won't be hearing from the team about it for a few months, so I can just forget about it and pretend that it's gone away until then! :-)

PS: Just to reassure people about the title- I refer to it as the 'morning after' as I wrote the other post late last night. I didn't go out and get hammered and drown my sorrows or anything, just incase your mind has an active imagination

PPS: the recession still really hurts!! ;-)