Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Appointments and Choices

I had an important appointment today yesterday (see how late these assignments have me procrastinating 'til?) in St Vincents. The consultants I met were very nice although what they said wasn't really what I wanted / was expecting to hear. Of course, everything medical is done in my best interest but this one I'm not so sure about. I'm not going to go into what it's about and I apologise if it feels like I'm dangling a carrot here. It's generally not considered a serious problem but it's still a problem and fixing that problem may cause other problems. (I'm thinking my calling in life is NOT to make up cryptic clues for things...if that exists...) But generally in my medical history the majority of choices I have to make are pretty much already made for me in the sense that the alternative isn't much of an option. But here, I'm not so sure.

So after my appointment I had planned to go to the chapel. The same chapel I cried in on my very first admission as it happened. I think as much as a religious place my need reminding of my face, right about now it's kind of where I should be! But I couldn't afford it.

Don't worry, the priests and nuns aren't charging in, but, for two hours parking I had to pay €4.70 and I was risking going over and I honestly couldn't afford it.

Needing someone to tell you what you're supposed to do and not having that person hurts. Recession hurts more.