Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I just realised I wrote a smally and never posted last week. It was just about my college library, nothing exciting!

My lung functions today were 102% which is an all time high, and that elusive 100% has finally been captured! It's really amazing and so fortunate that despite the random sickies I seem to have picked up these few months, that my lungs are doing so well. (Whacks head off wood)

My weight is also up by 2 kilos (4.4lbs) which is a relief. I've been really trying and it's good to see it pay off.

At this stage the team want my Prograf/Tacrolimus (anti-rejection tablet) level aiming to be between 6 and 9. Or 5 and 10 depending on who you talk to. I mentioned before it should be between 10-12. The reason they'd like a lower level has something to do with the fact that I'm a 'couple of years out now' and something, something...trail off.... Anyway, It's always great to hear 'couple of years out' said in such a relaxed way. It also reminds me that technically they're not 'new' lungs anymore either.

Thinking about the two years, I think at some points I've *maybe* pushed myself a bit too hard, or maybe done things that have had some people raising eyebrows. I do need to constantly remind myself that despite the fact that I'm now freakishly well (touch wood), I still have to find that balance, and that 'balance' perhaps needs to be more closely monitored than that of my friends. But at the same time, in two years, I'm healthier than I've ever been (bang wood) and I've had the opportunity to travel (which is my number one favourite thing to do!) to 14 different countries (give or take one or two, can't quite count). I've had countless late nights and got up the next day (not necessarily early, but up nonetheless...) and I've managed to complete one year of my degree course (still three to go...). It's true that your health is your wealth!