Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have come to a few conclusions today. First of all, today I went to clinic, which meant I had to be up, showered and dressed early. None of which actually happened "early" (must work on that) so my hair was in a horrible fuzzy state once washed. I have concluded that I *definitely* need to get my hair done pronto, the colour needs urgent fixing and I need to start straightening it again.

Secondly, it must be nearly over two weeks since I last wore make-up, which sounds so vain I know. But it's scary how different I look without it on. That sounds vain too, I know. Probably because I'm grey pale at the moment anyway, and I have fuzzy hair, but seriously, I need to start doing *something*.

Thirdly, I feel better. Not one hundred percent by any means (yet), but better. I'm unfortunately still struggling in the 'gaining weight' department, which needs attending to. I've reached that "oh that girl is so skinny" stage again. I have a target weight, and once I've reached that, I'll be happier. Plus I'll enjoy food without thinking about it. And with my hair done and make-up on, I'll feel better too. Because, yano, I'm vain.

Fourthly, I feel better.

Fifthly, there are SO many bigger problems in the world at the moment, and SO many people who have such worse problems in their life, which is why I feel so grateful that I feel better :)