Monday, September 29, 2008


I arrived home from Edinburgh this afternoon having had an *amazing* weekend away. We left Friday evening, having packed in a record 30 minutes (forgetting nothing except my hairbrush) and caught a night flight over. This meant we still had time to catch a pub/bar night out when we got there. We stayed on Princes Street which is as central as you can get (unless you count the Royal Mile as the centre which was a 5minute walk away anyway...)

On Saturday, I went to Gap and got new jeans. Gap are *amazing* for jeans and it's the only place I buy mine. Well, when I say that, I mean I bought my last pair there a couple of years ago and was so impressed by the sizing, that I went back and got a new pair on Saturday. So technically, yes, it is the only place I buy mine. I also decided, should Gap ever come to Ireland, I'm going to work there. The people who work there get to wear Gap clothes. And they're friendly too. Even the Gap clothes are friendly. It's like they talk to you, saying 'Buy meeeeeeee!'. Not that I'm obsessed with Gap. It's just good. Gapgapgapgapgap.

We also did the Edinburgh Dungeons on Sunday which I highly recommend!!! We saw street performers too but we had no sterling with us to give them a donation but they were actually really good! Each night we went out in search of different bars/pubs/places but invariably, we ended up at the same bar each time. I guess we're creatures of habit.

Also, as hard as we tried to find Scottish people, EVERYONE we talked to was Irish. Everywhere we went, walked, stood, sight-saw, gossiped, whispered, an Irish person was standing beside us. Heavens, we even met people who we were in school with.

I'll try and get a photo up soon as I realise it's been a while since I've shown my face about the place!

On the health front, I'm feeling really well. I've put on weight in the last couple of weeks which is a relief too. I still get coughing fits and cough when I laugh so while I don't think this is normal/healthy I'm hoping it will improve.

*OH* and it's nearly that time of year again where I go on my SKIING lessons. Oh that brings back memories....except the time I fell and got a concussion. I have no memory of that.