Monday, September 01, 2008


Just a quick little update: I saw Hungary, Austria, Poland, The Czech-Republic, Germany and The Netherlands over the past two weeks. We stayed in one hostel and then ran away the third day because we didn't like it so much. Thanks to work connections with one of my fellow traveller, we were able to stay in Marriott Hotels everywhere else. This really made the whole 'back-packing across Europe' a lot easier. Especially going to the whirlpool/swimming pool bit.

Berlin, we considered as 'sunken cost' and was the worst bit. It's hard to put a first on the rest, but probably Krakow or Amsterdam would be my favourites although they were all excellent.

So I'm home and have two weeks to myself before I head back to education land. This next two weeks will be spent running errands and getting myself together. In fourteen days time I will probably be questioning where the time went and analysing how I could have spent it wisely whilst staring at a ridiculously long/out of date 'to do' list.