Saturday, August 16, 2008

Clearly You CAN Make This Up!

I discussed earlier, the Jessica Fletcher worthy mystery which unfolded yesterday regarding a young dying girl with Cystic Fibrosis, who it transpires doesn't in fact have CF at all. Now I really should have pointed out that there is no concrete proof either way and although it is plainly obvious what opinion I am of (as by my clearly bias writing), everybody should remain innocent until proven guilty.

I feel it important to echo others' thoughts on the matter however. Whether it turns out this 'Gina/Pepe' is real or a fake she needs some real help. If it's true and there really is indeed a poor girl struggling for life like she said then I really hope that she can find strength to get better soon.

And if she's a fake? I really hope that she can find the strength to change her character and outlook on life so that she can contribute something positive to the world in her life.

And if she's a fake (again)? .....I'd be reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllly worried about a little thing called karma.....