Sunday, August 10, 2008

Update Time!

OK, what's new? Or old, but I haven't mentioned so technically new...

Healthy wisey/unwisey: I'm back on the old ciproxin for a chest infection-ish. That's ok though as I feel alright. My dose of my anti-recjtion tablets (prograf / tacrolimus for those in the know) has been lowered to 4mg twice a day. Although this is good, it means I now take 8 of these tablets a day. Unlike when I took 5mg twice a day (just two tablets as they came in 5mg size) , the next size tablet down is 1mg. It's all gravey except that I'm off travelling for 16 days so it increases the number I have to bring with me.

I have no voice at the moment but I would call this being horse as opposed to having a 'sore throat'. At least if I still have it tomorrow so I may get sent home from work. We went out to dinner on Friday night, followed by a pub, followed by random 'frolics' follwed by 'my house for a dvd' followed by no sleep. Well, I fell asleep at 6am, woke briefly at 7am and then slept until 11.30 am. Squished on a couch with three other people. Fun times!

I went and got my inter-railing pass for Saturday. We fly into Budapest and will travel across Europe taking in Vienna, Prague, Krawkow, Berlin and Amsterdam along the way. I have my MASSIVE back pack which makes me look like a turtle. I might note it has been suggested that I may be over doing it with all the non-stop travel and 'frolics' but life is for living.

So with ALL that going on, tomorrow sees the beginning of my LAST WEEK IN WORK! Yahooo-umbles!