Sunday, August 10, 2008

Random Spottings

Tonight I had the third of my birthday celebration dinners. For once I arrived early and had the pleasure of watching an unfortunate old woman use an escalator, clearly something she was not used to doing. She stood up nice and tall like she had a rod in her back, and gripped the railing tightly. She even had her eyes open wide, focusing straight ahead for effect.

I imagine for her it must have seemed like a rollarcoaster. Poor old woman. And then when her daughter went on to the next escalator coming down, the poor old woman was left stranded at the top crying out for help, not knowing how to get on board. Luckily the daughter seemed nice and cried back to her to 'stay where you are, I'm commmmmminnnnnnnnnnnng!' I honestly don't believe she needed to be so forceful in her shouting (ie, no need to deafen me as well!), 'cas that old lady was going nowhere.

I hope I don't ever get like that when I'm old. Because if people figure out I can't use an escalator they'll know exactly how to abandon me. And they may very well want to.