Friday, June 27, 2008


I just got back from my trip to Vichy for the European Heart & Lung Transplant Games which I was competing in. (The grammar in that sentence looks a bit funny to me...) I swam and ended up getting a Bronze, Silver and Gold medals for my panting.

Vichy was really nice and the pool was an Olympic size 50 metre which was a little bit daunting at the practise and training session. Especially considering I haven't been swimming since Christmas, so it really seemed VERY long!

Even the diving platforms seemed VERY high the first day! It was a spectacular venue though, all outdoor and in the 35 degree heat it was stunning. I managed to get myself quite a bit sunburned at the practice session which wasn't too wise but I wasn't thinking much!

Luckily the races and competitions started at 8am so before the midday heat. Our morning was even quite overcast to begin with as well, so it was grand.

As always at these events, it's great to see the true athletes perform as it shows what IS possible. And if I wasn't ever so lazy I'm sure I could get some muscle on my arms and my bum into training for the next games as I was pretty much relying on my stroke and ability to sprint yet again which really hurts the next day!

This guy seemed to follow me everywhere and took the whole games EXTREMELY seriously to the point of ridiculousness. He did seem to do very well though so perhaps his technique is one I should employ. Beside him is one of our supporters...