Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I debated whether to post this video, because I fear some people won't "get" it. I think it's funny. If you don't, then insert witty saying !!!

Also I know that piracy can be a touchy subject for some readers, and perhaps this video might stir some guilty feelings inside some of us. I of course, have a clean conscience, because I think that movie pirating is a terrible crime. And no, my editions of The Butterfly Effect, High School Musical 2, In America, The Departed are NOT pirated. Somebody bought those for me fair and square from a kind gentleman at a stall in Thailand. Well they had to give him a list first and then return half an hour later and pick them up, but they were a GREAT bargain, even though they didn't come with a box. Anyway point is, piracy is theft. You should look out for great deals like I found, they're a steal!!