Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who Do You Think?

"Who do you think is most worthy of winning America's Next Top Model?" is a question that the host Tyra Banks always asks the desperate model wannabes and then she analyses their answers. Way back in Season 1 of the series, all the models said

"Oh I think 'X' because she is such a wonderful person".


Miss Tyra then pointed out that none of them said themselves.

So from Season 2 onwards ALL the contestants now say themselves because "I'm willing to learn, I've been on such a journey and this has been my dream...blah blah". Usually there'll be one contestant who was clearly washing their hair the night those episodes get aired so she'll trip up and say someone else.

Now let's be honest, if you were asked to stand up in class and say who was the best are you honestly going to say yourself?? "Well of the WHOLE class, I think *I'm* the best, because I'm so brilliant".

So anyway, I thought this was a Tyra Banks, Americans full of confidence thing


I was reading the web news and saw that the shortlist had been published for the Digital Media awards. The Digital Media awards are awards which aim to raise awareness of the emerging digital media sector. In nearly ALL the categories people had nominated themselves, and in the "Best Blogging" category (which I consider different as usually it's not a company or organisation looking for publicity), four out the five competitors for the had nominated themselves!!! I mean I think it's ok when someone says 'oh I really like that film you made, here I'm putting you up for this prize', but to say 'Oh my film was great, yeah I'll put my name down for THAT prize'. *yoink* That prize must be something nice! Hmmmm.

Modesty anyone?