Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I used my first three days of my break to get some shopping done. Usually I'm much more frantic by this time of year which prompts me into thinking that I've forgotten something. Which will probably be confirmed come Christmas morning as we are sat around the tree. At which point my eyes will pop out of my head, I'll excuse myself for a few minutes and all that will be heard is my car screeching away...*gulp*...

I'm not a HUGE Christmas fan, probably because I'm a grown up now(!) and it seems to have lost its magic. I still like the fact that we all gather around the table and eat and stuff. But as with most things and occasions, Christmas is a reminder of how lucky I am and that every occasion has extra magic in it anyway albeit for different reasons. So although a childhood Christmas is different from the ones nowadays, they still are such momentous experiences which I will forever cherish.