Tuesday, December 11, 2007


This evening I had my third snowboarding lesson. It was....not good. I don't take to a board very well...at all. Apart from maths, I don't like not being good at something, and this is one of those things in life where I just don't ever see us gelling. I am certainly lacking the enthusiasm that I had for skiing anyway.

But tonight I had a slight accident...which may or may not have resulted in a mild concussion. Well I DO like to do things in style! Basically the stupid lift dragged me and I ended up with my head crunching into a wooden post and falling asleep for a few seconds. And to the lady with the glasses on the skis who just stood there, mouth open, doing *nothing*, thanks! And if you blame 'shock' for your reason for not doing *anything* to help, think about the person you were looking at!

People came and helped me (including one person who helpfully said "that's why I wear a helmet!!"), I heard someone ask about a pulse(!), but I am actually fine. I didn't move for about a minute but I think I was more in shock.

I went on to snowboard on....and then I bounced fell on my ass and the ass pad must have moved because *that* was painful!!

Anyway I'm not going back. And no, I'm not giving up, the next lesson was the 'get one free' one so I'm just not taking it. Skiing is my calling.

I also had my two monthly transplant clinic today. All's well, lung function about the same, weight up by 2kg, but no blood today. I'll go back on Friday or next week and we'll try again. I don't have to go back until February!!

I'm off to nurse my headache now!