Sunday, December 09, 2007

For whoever it was who came to my blog looking for a picture of Cassie from Home and Away, I do not dissappoint. Here you go!

Oh wait, whooops! HERE you go!!

For anyone who doesn't watch Home and Away, Cassie is one of the many runaway kids who ends up living in Pippa's Sally's drop in home, ignoring any legal laws that prevents people just spontaniously fostering someone.

She's the same drop in who dated another Drop In, Ric, for a while. And yes, this is the same Ric who now dates yet another drop in Maddie (orphan this time, at least she has an excuse!).

Cassie can now be seen regularly putting herself in the most dubious and stupid situations including, most recently, dating a 40 something, lady beater dude called Henk, who she's now going to move in. No, no this isn't the same lady beater as Macca, who she moved in with last year despite everyone warning her. OK, so those 'warners' were right the last time, but THIS new guy is different.

Just one of the many mentally balanced and drama free residents of Summerbay!