Saturday, December 08, 2007

Doing our bit!

We've all been told of the "Power of One" - the one change you can make to tackle global warming.

In our house we have a total of SIX sets of Christmas lights up! I'm guessing the whole bit for the environment thing will be our resolution this year. And then we'll come up trumps as we'll just take them all down!

Something REALLY impressive though and nobody's going to believe me but it IS true. One of our sets of lights are these ancient things that we used to put on our tree when I was growing up were the SAME lights my MUM had when she was younger!!! Now, I know, you're questioning how they still work (sorry're not that old we know!) and to be honest I don't know. Like obviously quite a few of the bulbs have since passed away but they still work! Beat that!