Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Pretest

Well, I made it there. The guy was very nice and said some pretty interesting stuff. He said that most of a learner's bad habits are picked up from family or friends. This is most definitely true for me, except that in my case, the 'advice' I have been given was against the law. You're not supposed to start in 2nd gear and you CAN stop in 4th and 3rd gear. I hate it when people give me bad advice, it's soooo irritating.

Anyway, there were very few problems. When it came to reversing around a bend though, I banged the car off the curb. The man got out to look at the toy wheel, and sure enough I had banged it a bit, but it was still inflated. I loved his 'well, let's just move on, shall we?' line. I think it's something instructors say...

Anyway I failed. Boo-urns. On the upside, my clutch work was 'fantastic' but it was the other minor things that would have failed me. I can't judge bends at ALL and always take them too wide. Dang.