Monday, November 05, 2007


This was getting ridiculous, every time I had a glimpse of hope that things may be back on track, something else goes wrong.

When he told me about the incomplete jack I thought that was it. Nothing else could possibly go wrong, and now I was stuck with a wheel ready to come off, a spare wheel sitting beside me, an incomplete jack lying under the car, and one kind man's coffee swiftly going cold.


But then this magic man went to the boot of his car. For your info, if anyone has seen MY car and thinks THAT'S bad, good goodness it was nothing on his! Anyway, like a never ending magician's hat, he pulled all sorts of things out and eventually his eyes gleamed. It seemed he had found what he was looking for: a thin metal stick.

Using his powers of physics, he made a makeshift lever thing for the jack thing (makes so much sense!) and began painstakingly twisting it, constantly knocking his hand off the ground as he went.

-I kept an eye on all the 46a buses stopping across the dual carriage way, knowing my Dad would appear any minute. -

I breathed a major sigh of relief as my new wheel was screwed into place. I had twenty minutes left to get to my test centre, which by normal calculations would make me already 10 minutes late. I thanked the kind samartian who wouldn't accept my money (said he would be "insulted" if I made him take it) and said "Sheer, ya see a porson in trouble, ya have ta help them!" *big grin*, and he was totally right. There we cars QUEUING at that petrol station and not one stopped to help. Well then, like any cheesy television show, exit stage right kind man and enter stage left my Dad.

Yer man was gone when I'd turned around, so me and my Dad did a quick tidy of the car and off I set, with what can only be described as the worst looking toy wheel EVER *cringe*.

We had fifteen minutes. I sped away in my little Delilah with my Dad holding on uncomfortably for his life, constantly pressing down on an imaginary brake in front of him, and pursing his lips with a frown now and again. In fairness to him though, he said nothing. Obviously he felt the pain of losing this €40 that I had paid for my Pretest. Plus he's also had his own history of motoring diasters/mysteries which I will write about at a later date. I dropped him near the house and continued 'Amber-Gambling' my way up to Churchtown. I certainly drove with good speed as I arrived with three minutes to spare, and only one person beeped me, RESULT!

Of course, what happened at the Pretest???

... To Be Continued

I leave you with a picture of the wheel my car had on the back of it for a day. I promise, hand on heart, witnesses can clarify, I am NOT exaggerating. It looked most like the wheel at the front in this picture. This thing could only be driven a distance of 80km: