Thursday, September 27, 2007

I love it when...

..issues just resolve themselves! Ahem hem splutter hem.

I still have to think of three items to describe who I am. And I'm going out tonight, so it's either going to be a very scribble nonsensical job if I draw when I come home, or a very scribble nonsensical RUSHED job if I do it before class tomorrow.

Irish people generally have a thing about saying positive things about themselves, for fear of sounding egotistical. That last sentence even seems like I'm blowing my own trumpet, which I'm not - it's just our nature, and I rather like it that way anyway. So having to describe yourself three times in a positive light is in fact a difficult enough task. Could you do that? Well, could you, couldyou couldyou?!! OK, well then do it for me!

Anyway, since 'talking a lot' isn't a description (needs to be like: I'm caring, hardworking, dedicated...all made up stuff like that) it don't cut it. I think I'll paint my page black and shout at the teacher that SHE'S the psychologist and so SHE can figure it out. Confusion: that's my secret to getting through these next four years.

Ignore the day posting mix up. Last I checked it's still Thursday.