Saturday, September 29, 2007

The end and the start...

I finished work today! The day was spent showing the new 'Ro' (seriously) how to work the shop and till and customers. The pharmacist over heard me saying "'Oh just say, gosh isn't the weather ______ out there', that'll get [the customers] gabbing and you just have to stand there", and to think she thought I was actually genuine in my concern for the weather these past nine months! Nah, in fairness though, the majority of the customers are all very sweet the majority of the time.

So after nine months, I have my Saturdays back :) It was great experience for me, as I'd never a) worked before or b) worked in retail before and I gathered a huge amount of experience while there.

So while it's the end, it's not really the end, but rather just the beginning. A lot of my college friends work a few hours a week, but at the moment it's just not for me; I have the rest of my life to pretend to work and at present I want to concentrate on buying friends working on buying a social life college stuff.

My second belly button is acting up at the moment ( I seriously must, MUST post photos of that soon) so I'm going to go get sellotape and fix it. Or maybe put a straw in it and blow and make my tummy go big. Hmmmm.