Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Photographs don't really do it justice. If I can edit them on Thursday I will!:

Dear Doctor Jabs,

Thank you ever so much for having fun with my arm on Tuesday. You did such a fabulous job with it. And although *I* appreciate the time it took you to create such a monstrosity masterpiece I don't think everyone will share my enthusiasm. Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with needles or to throw them into other people? Can I suggest that you don't ever go into a line of work where you have to have physical contact with any other living thing people or where somebody would place their trust in you? I guess the kind of careers we're ruling out here would be...oh I don't know...being a DOCTOR*. I hear there are plenty of butchers looking for apprentices with great enthusiasm. Shall I pass on your CV?

Unfortunately though, I shall be sending you the bill for the new jumper I had to buy yesterday. You see, all my other jumper's sleeves were to narrow to accommodate this new, bigger swollen more packed arm. But don't worry, I'll pay for the ice.

Actually I lie, it's not so bad. I didn't get a tan this year (sunbathing's a no-no post transplant) so to go around showing people my new colour on my arm is a conversation starter great. And not everybody gets to have a blue arm!!

Again, thank you.

I'm going off early tomorrow to the hospital, armed with tips and hints to give to the team for the placing of my vein line (known as Venflon or Canula or my favourite, Freddy!). One great bonus of having ivs is getting the day off work on Saturday. Wish me luck!!

*May be a little bit harsh. People make mistakes. But bleh.