Monday, September 03, 2007

BFG: The posting time of Saturday's blog (which mentioned the "911" attacks) was a freak coincidence. Couldn't have planned if I tried!...Oh wait, I could...but I didn't.

Now, here is the blog about EILEEN. As many of you know, EILEEN went off to San Diego at the beginning of the summer, tried to carve out a successful summer career in a restaurant, failed because the restaurant shut down three weeks in, and basically bummed around for the rest of the summer.

Well now, EILEEN has returned, and after much time spent avoiding me, ignoring my calls, texts, emails, bangings on her bedroom window every morning, noon and night, EILEEN felt it best for her safety she met up with me. In a public and crowded place of course. I then coaxed her into my car and went speeding up and down the quiet roads. She bored me to tears with her stories, so much so I tried to push her out of the car. Unsuccessfully. Pesky seat belt.

She's trying to make out that she's all popular now and that she has to spend time with another friend tomorrow. She made out that she was talking to said friend on the phone, but the place got really quiet, and I am certain I heard "....At the beep, the time will be..." on the other end. Weird.*

Anyway, it's good to have EILEEN back. She's a goodun. But not a very nice goodun. She was getting a taxi to the airport, when they spotted a car-crash scene with another taxi. Her taxi driver said "Is it ok if I get out and help my friend", and get this, EILEEN said NO! And not only did she say NO, she launched into a shpeel about why he wasn't allowed to stop. Classic! Apparently he was very grumpy after that.

*First two paragraphs may be exaggerated. Taxi one is real.