Thursday, August 23, 2007

I got up early this morning for my radio thing, which got postponed because the show grew legs and went off on a tangent. The producers felt they wanted to give the Cystic Fibrosis topic good time, and didn't want to just squeeze it in. So tomorrow I will be up early again. One wonders was this a ploy by my Dad to try and get me up early. Pretty original. Hmmm.

Anyhoo, it worked out for the better anyway, as I have developed a temporary addiction to Strepsils lozengers, as my persistent tickle in my throat is...well rather persistent. There may also be a colony of frogs living in my throat. So an extra 24hours should do me good.

Being up early, with the rest of the day ahead of me gave me opportunity to catch up on plenty of errands I've been meaning to do for a while. A long while. But how many did I actually get done? None. Zero. Through no fault of my own though of course...mostly. I just managed to use up a whole lot of petrol, come home, and fall asleep. For about five hours. Me thinks/hopes this is a sign that the new antibiotics are fighting really hard inside thus making me a wee bit tired.

And I figure I'll mention this now. My "friend", let's just call her....aesigefheoigfSaraasoigfsef for anonymity purposes is proposing a silly interesting crazy mentally sane death defying defying way to raise money for charity: A sky dive. I think it's a suicide bid that she wants ME to take part in...or else a homicide bid on ME...hmm either way, I'm locked in. I'm trying my best to get out, you know I've had a transplant (Have I mentioned that before?) and did try pawning that one off on her, but to no avail. Seems she's had one too! Two months before me. What lengths people will go to get attention!

Anyhoo, it looks set that this will be in October/November. We are looking for support and/or kind donations. Even something as small as €1 would be fantastic, as every little helps! If there is anyone out there who would like to join our pact (Life is sooo over-rated anyway!) please let me know. After all, if I jumped off a cliff, you'd follow too right?