Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Health Wise: I decided just to ring the Mater Hospital, after getting fed up coughing so much. I have been on smarties Ciproxin antibiotics for the past 14days, which have done nothing. Zilch. Nada. After a brief call, explaining my symptoms, giving my current doses, my tablets were changed. The funny thing is, I finished the two weeks of m&ms Ciproxin as prescribed and then found a whole PACK out in my cupboard, unopened, uneaten from 2004. How funny. That was when I was in 5th year in secondary school. They don't even go out of date until next year. GAS!

I may also add at this point, that I shall be speaking (briefly and v.e.r.y s.l.o.w.l.y to take up as much time as I can) on a radio show tomorrow morning. And when speaking to the researcher earlier today, and requiring an umbrella to save me from the tickly throat tears coming down my cheeks, I decided that action was definitely needed. I have sent Jeeves out to get me some Strepsils.

Anyway, it's a week of Augmentin for me, and I shall be ringing the team in 7days time and be seeing them in 10days time. Fingers crossed!!

Holiday Wise: I will get around to doing a fully comprehensive report on my holiday soon, complete with photos and....well, yeah, just photos. In fact, if there are even photos, you'll be lucky.

Random Wise: There is the opinion floating about that I do not like plants. Who ever said I didn't like plants? I haven't got anything against plants. If someone were to, say, give a plant as a gift to someone else, I would see that as a beautiful gesture. A kind, loving and most thoughtful present. A few weeks ago, I stated I wouldn't like the idea of getting a plant; having had a transplant, this would not be wise, as I could pick up a bug from the plant, which may, god forbid cause a chest infection. *That* is why I would not like a plant. At all. Never give me a plant.

And now for my complete naughtiness in NOT emailing people months ago like I should have done, I am off to do that now.