Sunday, August 26, 2007

As most of you know I pretend to work on Saturdays. I started in January of this year, replacing a girl who had been there for a year or two. She fills in for me when I'm off sick/travelling/doing something else and she also fills in midweek if the midweek person is off sick/travelling/doing something else.

Anyway, where I work there are only two people there at any time. Small. Cosy. When the two of you run out of conversation it gets quiet, but it's nice.

So when this girl moved on, it was to better and bigger things. I actually think she went to college - she's very talented when it comes to arty stuff. In her spare time, she can also dance. Check this out: (and the 500,000 odd views):

I might add, that I too could dance like this should I want to. But I'm too lazy. But seriously, it's pretty impressive stuff. Kudos Sophie.