Saturday, July 07, 2007

Oxegen day 1: Thankfully the weather was on our side so it was gloriously sunny and hot. Despite my factor 35, I still caught a bit of the sun, and now have a slightly pink glow to me. We set up tent in good time and then rested for a period while we listened to Avril Lavinge singing about being somebody's girlfriend or something...

My latest food obsession is Original Doritos and Peanut M&Ms so I was well stocked up. Unfortunately by late evening, I began to get annoying and niggling stomach aches. They had plenty of Portaloos dotted around the arena and campsite but they were waterless, flushless and stinky. Not to be too graphic, but to say they were quite litreally a pile of **** would be the pun of the century. And last century. Anyway, the prospect of walking around a muddy campsite to get to these 'loos' a few times was not the most appealing. When things like this happen, you just need to be home I think. Or I did anyway. So me and my friend left after Snow Patrol late on Saturday night and decided to come back on the Sunday. It would seem that we were not the only ones with that thought as everyone else on our level of the bus was wearing the campsite wristbands too. I think the mud was putting a lot of people off. Ick.

Anyway, a nice sleep did the world of good and I was rearing to get back out on Sunday morning. Yaaaaaaaaaay!