Thursday, July 26, 2007

Karma is:

When you leave your bag on the table. An opportunistic thief (which aren't as bad as the regular riff raff thieves you see hanging around) comes along and sticks her hand into your bag. After pilfering sufficient goods from your bag, the sister opportunistic thief then spots mouthwash. She hawks it back and swishes. She notices a strange and disgusting taste. Puzzled, the opportunistic thief examines the bottle of liquid. It reads:

Antibacterial Hand Gel

I like karma me.

Requests on the Eileen front. So, Get this, she lost her job! Gone. Unemployed. A bum. And unlike the surfing stories of last month, I swear this isn't made up. The restaurant that eventually took her on, after she went and begged to use their toilets and then refused to leave has shut down. Gone out of business. Ka-boooom. One suspects she drove their business into the ground. Made the customers go running. I think when the people of San Diego said how they loved Irish people, she just went too far: Dancing jigs on tables with tea towels to get more tips is never a good look. I pity the people.*

*Details of story may be fabricated but the jist is true: No restaurant; No job. Any comments Mrs E? If not, I suggest you seek out this website in your free time (which I'm sure you have plenty of now...) to meet up with other like minded people as yourself. Enjoy!