Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I saw the dermatologist today (who still seems to think I "got" Cystic Fibrosis when I was six years old, and was on steroids on and off until transplant which I wasn't. I gave up correcting him - he clearly knows better then I do...) and he was happy with me. I have two or three months left on treatment and then I'm done. He's a nice fella but I never know really what to say, as I'm so used to going to see doctors and being as (or more) knowledgeable about stuff as they are: I know nothing about dermatology. At all. Zilch. But that hopefully won't matter in two or three months time.

I then went and replaced my Mum's silicon swimming cap that ripped yesterday. She said that there was no need to replace it, but yesterday she insisted there was. And one wonders how I "got" this Cystic Fibrosis malarky, living in this place...One of these days I'll book her in to see a shrink me thinks.

Apart from purchasing that and a few other items of clothing (whoops) I didn't do much. I bought M&Ms which were gobbled down in my house because I left them on the table. My Mum always tells me I shouldn't leave things lying around like for some "opportunistic thief" to take them. I don't really see the difference between an being an opportunistic thief and a regular thief myself, maybe that's the label my thieving family use to make themselves look less like THIEVES!!! Huh...

Transplant Games start tomorrow, so I'm off yet again. Until Monday. I told my dermotologist about them, and how I will be swimming to which he asked me questions about 'always using moisturserisers and shower gels "and bladda bladda after my swimming trainings. "Trainings"??I don't think he understood me: I should have really emphasised the 'I will be' part....Oops