Thursday, July 05, 2007

I am a firm believer that men and women are equal. Anything a man can do, a woman can do too - if not better! Any job a man does, a woman can too. And vica versa. Men are no better drivers then women, and likewise, women are no better then men. And so the list goes on (use your imaginations, you can see where my point is going).

But today, I would somewhat disagree. I think had a male been present at the 'crisis', we wouldn't have been in the 'crisis' in the first place.

Location: "Work". No seriously, "work" but I wasn't really, really working so make your own minds up.

Time: Between 9 & 5

Problem: It was cold. Very, very cold. Now something I don't do is complain about the temperature, because as a rule of thumb, whenever I'm cold, others are warm; whenever others are baking, I'm freezing; when they be cold, I be hot, when they be cool, I be a geek.

So the one I work with complains that the heating is broken. The lady above the shop comes down and rants raves shouts complains politely expresses concern that the heating may be broken. I conclude from this, that the heating is probably broken. Our toilet is also blocked. We shiver as we work while we are bursting for the loo. How lovely.

So queue the plumber who comes along and fixes our toilet for us. *Joy*

But a couple of hundred out of pocket, and we're still cold. The plumber looks at us as though we be crazy; pockets his money and walks off. While we stand there like snow-women.

I make phone call after phone call after complaint after phone call trying to get an electrician to come out. We're closing in on lunchtime and the place is an igloo - apparently (remember, I have no sense of work temperature).

So *eventually* at about 3pm, a kind man comes out to us. We tell him our sorrowful tale about how the place is falling down around us and how we have worked so hard through the cold all day. What can be done about this? Can it be fixed? Can he help us NOW? We neeeeed heat!! We get down on our knees and beg!

"Sure" he says "no problem". We about jump into his arms, do a jig, pop the champagne. What a wise MAN he be! He fixes our problem. We fork out *another* couple of hundred for his saving grace.

What was the problem?

Someone had turned the thermostat down.

Man = smarter then woman. For once. Man made a few hundred yoyos from turning a thermostat up. Smart man be he. I wonder does he have any vacancies because *that* sounds like an ideal job to me!