Friday, June 29, 2007

Ohh meant to say! I'm going to see the man himself, J to the T, Justin. Me and my friend got tickets, as an extra show was put on....or extra tickets were put out (what do I care, I'm GOING!) So I shall be Rocking My Body and not Crying A River on Sunday. Like what I did there? Pretty clever right? Of course, what with the weather being so unpredicatable, I may bring a jacket JUSTIN case!!!! OK, I'll stop.

It would seem the opportunity to get on my 'nice people' list (the one which I haven't created and probably won't but if I do you will definately get on it list) proves to be popular! Thank you to all the newcomers or newcommenters(!) for your lovely comments. It is feeding my addiction well. I may even last MORE then the month with no more comments... Well I won't go overboard, but it's possible!!

Something that really struck me was your opinions (and there were a few) about the severtiy of the 'break the hair straigtner' crime. I would have considered this to be a 'day in the stocks' crime, but judging the public feelings, it may be more akin to an 'electric chair' offense. (Oh the irony, electric chair would DEF cause fuzzy hair wouldn't it??).

Anyway, knowing what most of you look like and knowing what *most* of your hairstyles look like, (which are ALL tamer then mine) I see you have considerably less problems with your hair then I. So if *you* guys think this crime was bad, then that says something. Poor me. I just *wish* the eighties would come back into fashion. Seriously, i can do a GREAT "big doo". You want to see? Well tough, because you're forced to. Every. Time. You. Look. At. My. Hair. ESPECIALLY unstraigtened.

I'm working away and have NO access to the internet 9-6 and when I get home, I'm zonked hence the short blogs etc. It's okay but I'm a bit tired afterwards. I think it's the not being used to doing so much work that kills me. I mean who invented this 'work' business. Ick, not wise.