Saturday, June 30, 2007

I went to the cinema in Dundrum last night. We saw Lucky You. Don't go see it. It's useless. The last time I went to the cinema there (I think) was with my brother to see Harry Potter and the something something. Another pre-transplant memory.

Lucky You is about poker. If you don't get poker you're screwed. I understand a *bit* about it but was utterly confabbled. They had entire scenes of just poker. It was about this guy who gets to the world series, faces his Dad who is his enemy and whom he hates with a passion. They throw in this weird love story side plot with Drew Barrymore which is the stupidest thing I've EVER witnessed. The main guy (the son, Huck) meets her, sleeps with her, steals her money and runs off. And then they're still in love kind of (he wants her, she not him, chase chase, argue argue, chase, fight before the world series yawn). And yadda yadda yawn. If someone did that to me, I'd deck them one. And I'm not even the type to 'deck' people.

In the end (don't read on if you want to see this film, which I swear you don't), he and the Dad form part of the last three in the world series. And the hero (the son) loses. Well he bows out. He comes third. So he doesn't even win. And the father doesn't even win either. So they both lose. If you *do* see this film (don't) there's the most random scene ever which gave us such laughs. It just cuts to Drew and her sister hanging up clothes. The sister says 'I hear Huck is doing well' and Drew responds (after AGES) 'good'. What was the point in that?!

And EVERY time (EVERY) there are three people in a scene and they need two characters to converse, the third person's phone rings and they have to 'take it over here' where they then disappear for ten minutes. No explanation as to who was on the phone. Ugh.

Anyway, after the cinema we came back and sat in my friend's porch/front garden until 2am. I was zonked. I had work this morning and slept in a little bit. Zonked. I really don't like working much.