Monday, June 11, 2007

Mundane Monday: This weather is freakishly HOT!!

Update on the girls: Well their surf coach still isn't impressed with Eileen and Helen. Eileen has claimed that she can indeed swim, and went to the beach yesterday to prove this point. It would seem that Eileen can imitate a puppy drowning all right, but Helen won't go near the water. The coach, unsurprisingly is NOT happy. He has gone around town telling every landlord to make sure they don't get accommodation, so they're living in a motel (not even a HOTEL) at the moment. A new rival called Jenny has arrived on the scene now, and she can surf, swim and do everything the coach wants her to do(!) so the girls are less then happy. But she can also cook and clean and come up with good ideas, so the girls, although less then happy, are also slightly less then sad. They are now calling her 'MOM' and are understandably devastated when she leaves their company for any length of time. This makes showering and going to the toilet increasingly difficult for Jenny.

Nah, I'm only messing. Some of that is true, but most is not. They are ALL in San Diego and it's getting increasingly annoying.

I thought I'd use this post to say my shout outs:

To Jac, yooohoooo!! How creepy/stalkerish is it that I read your blog too! In fact, anyone should read her blog *go, GO*. But then if you go, you'll probably find her SO interesting and funny, you'll never come back here again...*cry*

To Shell and KM and Penny and Jail and Irene and Melon and G-raze: Big hellos!!

And to Jinnáy : Jag hoppa det du er njuta av din fridagen , kasta lott av älska!! (I hope that makes SOME sense...)