Sunday, June 10, 2007

A day in the life of a participant of the Women's mini-marathon 2007 through photos. A slight cop out, but we all like to look at photos anyway... Apologies for the inevitable red 'x's that some of you are bound to see. I'm an athlete not a computer....person..

That's me, my sister, and my mum before the marathon with the signs...

^^These were some of the people behind us when we were waiting to start. If you look carefully, you can see where the mob goes around the corner, where I'm guessing it goes on and on and on. And you can also see those funky green really COOL plastic visors that were obviously given to us for free! Only losers wore them.

^^The queue to get to the starting line: Some more of those geeky visors in plain sight - the SHAME! You see it didn't take us eleven minutes to get to the start line because I was as slow, nervous and cautious as a turtle. No it was because of these people. If you zoom in, you can see the balloons that mark the start.

Yes, these balloons right here. (Well it would be a pretty huge coincidence if an unconnected-to-the-mini- marathon -big- bunch-of-balloons were displaying just like that on the same day as the mini marathon) MORE unfashionable VISORS. What are these people? Desperate??

Well....OK, I follow the crowd. I was desperate. That's me crossing the start line. And look how I look ahead as though I don't know the photo's been taken even thought it's clear I'm taking the photo!! Must be that visor inflicting uncoolness in me.

So then we walked about 3miles or so and...

That was me as we passed St Vincent's, the hospital where I was treated for six months before my transplant. A year ago, I sat in a wheelchair, on oxygen, with IVs going through me, as my dad acted as a drip stand and watched the mini-marathoners go by.

By this stage, I had dumped the visor and adopted the 'professional athlete water bottle' look.

So we walked some more (3 more miles I'm guessing...) and we reached the finish line and we all got a medal and we all came home happy as Larry. And this final photo is of me at the finish line. And I know it looks like I MUST have been last because there are no other people beside me, but actually we came BACK to the finish line for this photo. So we basically set it up.

And so that was how I spent a day (or less then two hours) as a mini-marathon participant. I will eventually tell you all about what happened, the things people said, etc, etc. For now though, I need to go blog again, to catch up on my blogging.

Here is a link to a YOUTUBE video, which wasn't taken by me (I actually think it's a HE-SHE who shot this) but it really encompasses the greatness of the day. There was music throughout. And notice the CROWDS moving in the opposite direction. This was the half way point. The camera-man is going up the bridge, and the other MOBS are going back into town. Seriously, LOOK. AT. THE. AMOUNT. OF. PEOPLE people!!!