Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!!

My Dad has been a dad for nearly 25 years. That is a LONG time me thinks. Being a Dad is a full time job, a lifelong commitment. Basically he's stuck with us and we're stuck with him. But I wouldn't want to be stuck with any other Dad anyway so I guess I consider myself lucky...

Back in the day:

I used to love the way he had a car-phone back in 1991! (Although it would probably equate to the same size as a small building these days)

I used to love the way his car-phone had speaker phone, which was probably the coolest thing I had EVER seen.

He used to have a tape (a tape! How lame) of these songs and we would listen to them while driving in France. Songs like 'Meeee-chelle..' 'Strawberry Fields' 'Let's go (let's go) to San Francisco (San Fran)" but he lost that tape (tape - snigger snigger).

He used to work near my hospital and would visit me during his lunch break, with his sandwich and bottle of fizzy something or other.

I used to love when he did my physiotherapy and I'd fall asleep.


I love the way he will (reluctantly) drive me anywhere (most of the time)

I love the way he will (reluctantly) drive with me anywhere (most of the time)

I love how he is patient, willing to help me when I need help. He will say and encourage me in his 'Dad' way. He never lets me think negatively (except when I'm driving).

Finally, when I was away having my transplant, I had one or two dodgy moments (to say the least) and all I needed was for someone (or sometwo) to be there and he (they) was.

Overall I love that he's MY dad.