Thursday, May 31, 2007

Last night myself and a few of the Ladeees from work (well 'ex-work' -the place I was fired from) went to dinner. It was Thai. It was nice. It filled me up which was the main priority at the end of the day.

I then discovered that the building above the restaurant (and the one next door to where I used to work) is owned by a group that you wouldn't be surprised to read about in The DaVinci Code. How freaky. I'm sure they're harmless freaks at the end of the day, but their secrecy and mysterious ways are so intriguing. I'd love to join but I'm not male. Or 21. I haven't been invited either. I think I'll picket outside. That or start up my OWN club. For females. And we'll picket outside. Then they'll be annoyed....and jealous...

I can't believe such a group existed right under my very nosey nose for so long, and I never knew! I'm disgusted with myself!

Now this is for ALL the 'Apprentice' fans out there. This fella is the guy who I mentioned weeks ago, who looks FREAKISHLY like a guy I worked with. I actually have my suspicions that the guy in my office took part in the Apprentice without telling us, and having missed the secret society next door neighbours for so long, I am determined not let this one pass me by! I am NOT joking, this photo could have been taken in my building (except we don't have fancy hole-punchers like he has in the background). If a certain 'WD' is reading, PLEASE go look at his site!!!

"Let's work till we bleed" Yeah, well that's nice and all, but I can't agree. I'm just too darn lazy! Andy !!

WE LOVE YOU ANDY! I reckon SurAllen didn't give some of the 'goodies' a fair chance. How can you judge someone so quickly? *cry*

Kelso: You rock my size five socks. Krazy Kat!!