Friday, April 06, 2007

Wow the weather was super-fantastic today. After transplant, sunbathing is NOT advised, simply because with a low immune system, you are more prone to skin cancer. At the time of my transplant, I vowed never to sit in the sun again. Well that was fine, as we heading into winter, but my goodness now that Mr. Sun has said hello again it is rather tempting!

I finished up work today, which was good. I have appointments all next week, so will take the week off. I'm also having my feeding tube removed on Thursday, so depending on how that goes, I may need more time off. I had better ring my boss about that come to think of it...

This morning we went out and picked my car. Actually we picked two, but my Dad isn't happy about getting me two cars, which I think is a very reasonable request. We have to wait for the insurance to come through next week. In the mean time my job is to pick between the two cars. I'm really bad at making descions however. I think.