Monday, April 16, 2007

Today I was supposed to go and have bloods in the Mater but I slept in. Ooops! My friend 'Harry' was going in to have her G.I. studies done today (the same ones I had done last week) and she got her tube down in one go. Don't you just hate nerds?? AND she got to take her tummy tube out! Again, what a goodie-goodie two shoes!!

Saying that though, I was delighted to hear her good reports all the same! 'Harry' had her transplant a mere 9 days before me and I got to see her the night before my transplant when I was over in Newcastle.

Today was another spectacular day weather wise. It wasn't boiling hot but still stunning. My sugars went a bit all over the place today and I had one or two hypos. I need to start vigorous recording tomorrow as I have my diabetes appointment next week and it would be stupid to turn up unprepared, IE, with nothing to show them. I only get to see them every 6months or so, so I need to make the most out of my visits there.

I went for a cycle today which was really nice. My mum brought the dog along too. She walked him that is, not put him on the bicycle (I don't think his little paws would reach the pedals anyway!..haha, the image of my dog cycling is now imprinted in my mind). Mum took the bike for a while, but my dog got HIGHLY concerned and insisted we follow after her and MATCH HER SPEED! This required me to run with the dog, which felt great, but I was rather breathless afterwards. I hope that's just a sign of my lack of fitness. After transplant you tend to get a bit paranoid at things like this and even at 10months out, I still find it hard to distinguish from 'genuine' breathlessness and 'infection/rejection/flu' breathlessness. All part of learning I suppose...