Sunday, April 15, 2007

I am changing the URL of my blog. (The thing you put up in the address bar). From Monday 23rd, it will be:

Just warning you, because when it changes, the 'fatfrogess' will no longer be valid and will bring you to a weird archive place that you don't want to visit. No sir-eee!

Today I, having lost my beautiful sunglasses on Thursday went shopping. I was devastated at the loss of the perfectly fit, really snazzy glasses and needed a new pair. I also lost my eyeliner so REALLY need the glasses to cover my eyes up at times.

I walked into Dunne's Stores and saw some OK-ish glasses there. They cost €8 (£5.50). I dithered about buying them. I to-ood and fro-ed. I went back and forth. I tried them on, I put them back, I tried them on, I put them back. I inspected my purse for evidence of funds and saw some there. I looked out at the sun, at all the cool people with their cool shades. My old glasses were long gone, now was my chance. Moving on, onwards and upwards. It had been three days since my old pair had grown legs and ran away, I had searched my house top to bottom. They were not coming back to me.

I gave in and bought a pair. I wore them home. I showed them off to whoever would look at me and felt really cool. My Mum wasn't home but I bathed in the sun for a while with EILEEN and chatted.

Then my Mum came in. "MUMMMMAH!" I exclaimed "Check out da new shades" I cried! (I adopted a Brooklyn down-town accent for a brief moment you see). I pointed to the new 'bling' as a rapper would do. I gave a big grin and felt reaaaaaaal coool.

"Oh that's nice" She replied. "I found your old ones by the way - they were on your chair in your room".