Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The lovely community nurse part I

My lovely community nurse called today to change my dressings. She was actually very nice and friendly, bless her. This is part one of our converstation.

Nurse: "Hi. Ok, just need to run through a few things before we start to change your dressing."
Me: "Ok"
N:"So how long are you a diabetic and how are you finding your sugar [control]?" (reasonable question, because medical people need to know these sorts of things)
M:"Emmm...four years? Yeah, quite good"
N:"Oh four years is it? And how are they giving you insulin" (I began to wonder if she thought I was just diagnosed and I had something *in* me that gave me insulin that she was here to look at)
M:"Through injections, in my stomach like"
N:"Oh, oh, I see. Sub-cut, very good. How long are you doing that?"
M: "Well since...fo-"
N:"-forever, right, ok, yes, forever."
M: "Well...four years"
N:"Oh right. And how do you find that?"
N:"And are the sugars managed well?"
M:"Yes, quite well."
N:"And have you always been diabetic?"
M:"No. Just since four years ago"
N:"Oh right, just four years. So are you used to it now? I suppose you are, says you!"
M:"Yeah it's ok"
N:"And how did they find that out? Just by chance?"
N:"Well, I had surgery, and they routinely were checking them and they found out. I was on really high steroids at the time so that caused it"
N:"OHHHHH steroids will do that! And has it gone away now?"
M:"What the diabetes?"
N:"Yes, is it all OK now?"
M:"No. I'm a diabetic"

(begins to to plan fake phonecall!!!)