Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's been a nice couple of weeks since I finished exams and it has been manic! This weekend in particular has been a scorcher and as I was bag packing in Marks & Spencers this morning to help fundraise for my friend's upcoming trip to Malawi, the amount of BBQs and BBQ food that I packed made my mouth water.

On Friday I was invited back to my paeds' hospital to the opening of a teen recreation unit. It was wonderful to see so many staff members again, many of whom have been there since I was very, very young; some I have seen progress from student nurse to staff nurse and I can remember many of their first days. So to say it was weird how time flies would be an understatement. I am very much looking forward to my 5 years post transplant party (2 years away!) to see them all again :)

On a sadder note, I found out today that my first doctor in Crumlin passed away. She wasn't a CF doctor but my parents decided early on upon learning of my diagnosis that they would rather stay under her care despite this. I was under her care for over 12 years. She was a truly wonderful lady.