Thursday, March 05, 2009

Home from hospital

OK, so lots to talk about, I've just been released from hospital with a nicely stapled stomach, with a digestive system that hasn't moved since Monday(!), with bruises up and down my arms from attempted drip lines (thankfully I was out cold for that bit), but feeling relieved to be back where I'm allowed to do what I want. *Sigh of reliefffffffffffffffffffff* So yes, I'll get to all that eventually, but while I have other work to catch up on, I'll leave you a little scenario which exemplifies how I should never take a Cystic Fibrosis / Transplant educated team for granted again. See if you can follow....

Point 1: I can't digest fat from foods. At all.

Point 2: For this reason, I take medication called Creon to do the fat absorbing job for me.

Point 3: If I eat a chocolate bar, I will take 1-2 Creon tablets. If I have a Sunday roast, I'll take 10-12.

Are you all following?? Great.

So when I arrived at hospital on Monday, all my tablets were confiscated from me. Which, if that's their policy, is fair enough. But I requested that since i eat all day (as in ALL day) if I could keep my Creon on me. I was told no. That I'd have to ask any/every time I wanted it. Annoying, but whatever.

So at 6pm, tablet time arrives and I'm given one Creon tablet.

No, no, I explain. I'm not eating, I don't need Creon.

Oh, but you're written up for it at 6pm, I'm told. No, that's some mistake, I explain. I only need Creon when I eat.

Oh, so you take it three times a day? I'm asked. No, I take it with food, so whenever I eat food, I take Creon.

The nurse leaves and promptly returns with a plain white natural (old person who can't taste anymore) yogurt. I look at it confused.

That's for your Creon, she tells me.