Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Beginnings

We finish class at about 12.50 every Tuesday and so the day became known as 'Cinema Tuesday'. We'd head down to the cinema, get cheapo prices and see a good film. Today was no different, except that I had to go watch Barack Obama's inauguration at 4.30. And yes, I had to go.

When I told my friends the reason for my absence, they mostly stared at me in silence, and a tumbleweed floated by. I apologised but told them I had to watch it, because I had to watch it. One half of my friends really haven't much interest in politics of any description which is fair enough, I have very little interest in football - each to their own.

So I was driving over to my friends house to watch the ceremony and was running a little late when I got a text from one of the cinema Tuesday groupies saying "We don't like giving presentations, imagine speaking in front of that amount of people". I was highly confused not knowing what he was on about and then I clicked, he must be watching Obama.

And that's a pretty incredible thing- someone who has zero interest in politics was swept up and became interested enough to take a peek at this momentous occasion.

And that's just the beginning...