Friday, November 28, 2008

Keeping them on their toes - even if I can't walk!

So last week, I very foolishly pulled a muscle in my leg. I howled and felt rather silly. The next day the leg muscle kept seizing into cramps and releasing. The days that followed were ok, in that I could walk but it just stiffened up if I sat down or stopped walking. But yesterday the pain turned to a 'growing pain' ache, which I took to mean the muscle was fixing itself, regrowing etc. Except with all this 'growing' I couldn't sleep, because growing is a painful business. Which brings me to today, where I can't put very much weight on the leg, and now walk with a ridiculous limp! Except if I concentrate really hard to not look like an idiot/grandad, I can walk normally-ish.

So that problem, I live with - I know what caused it, and I know it will fix itself.

Now backtrack a couple of days, when lo and behold, my *arm* started to hurt. This pain was in my forearm and a rather stingy pain. I couldn't stretch my arm because it stung too much. It felt like a cannula had tissued or leaked in my arm (for anyone who's experienced that yeee-ouch feeling), but I couldn't pick a cause or pinpoint what was wrong. There was just a faint pink line which looked like it was following the path of a vein.

My mom wanted me to ring the hospital, but at the risk of sounding like a complete doofus ("Hi, em, I have a sore arm today, what should I do?") I refused. But today, whilst in college I went to see the nurse when the waiting room was clear. The nurse was most puzzled so charged me €10 to see the doctor. The doctor, who was also most puzzled decided to ring the hospital as she suspected I had Phlebitis (swelling of the vein). The hospital, who wanted to see me straight away. Grrrr.

So I left and went to the hospital. They asked me a few questions but I then told them that the pain was still present despite me taking painkillers. What was i taking painkillers for? Oh no, not the sore arm which I couldn't stretch, not the sore leg which made me walk with a limp. No I was actually taking painkillers for a sore, cramping stomach.

So basically, I felt like I'd been hit by a bicycle with a heavy man on top. And then to top it off, they couldn't make any solid conclusions as to what was wrong with my arm so I was sent home. And the worst part? I got a paper cut. Grrrrr.

I suppose I should be grateful there's really nothing seriously wrong. And grateful that someone invented paracetamol.