Monday, October 13, 2008


I was discharged this afternoon and it feels wonderful to be out and free! I'm still on IVs, but the PICC line which was inserted last week is still holding well (*touch wood*) and I'll continue that treatment until Saturday.

I've been put back on some of my anti-rejection tablets (Prograf) albeit at a low dose and we're holding off the other (Cellcept) as well as some of my other tablets. I've got clinic on Wednesday to check blood levels etc. I've also found my hips are rather painful when walking (I am very aware I am managing to sound like an old lady here) so I need to have that checked out otherwise I may as well confine myself to a sitting position for a while, as that's generally when I'm not sore!

The plan is to take this week off college and rest up at home. Unless I begin to feel really energetic/bored and sneak off for a lecture or two but to be honest, at the moment, it's one of the last things I feel like doing.

I might get my hair done though. That only requires sitting after all.

Oh and in super exciting news, I'm now a Godmother! I was incredibly honoured to be asked and get rather excited every time I think about it :)