Friday, August 01, 2008

The Glass is Always Half....

...falling over! No seriously.

I began working full-time back in May but I never told my employers anything about my health status. I thought it would be easy to hide the daily pill popping, drug injecting etc. And to be honest, it was. But two things happened. I decided to go on multiple holidays (the most recent lasted two weeks), and my extremely generous employers let me do this. Of course, this meant I felt a bit guilty and so really try to give 100% all the time. And to cut a long story somewhat short, do not pull sickies or take any other days off. I work 9-5 and do over-time (unpaid I think...but I'm not grown up enough to work out what I'm being paid...) all to get the job done.

So seeing as I need blood tests every 6 weeks and review on average every 1-3 months (and that's just my set routine, which doesn't include any appointments for other scans etc going on) it was a tricky thing to work out how to do it. But masterful me, I came up with the idea of telling my employers I was going away a day earlier than I actually was, thus using these extra 'travel' days for my appointments.

I had it all figured out. Brilliantly. And then I began to get sick about a week ago whilst in Boston. Nothing bad, just....the start of a grumble in my chest. And it seems I've lost about 6 kilos since March (About a stone). So today being my 'travel' day, my clinic were pretty accomodating to get my bloods done but it seems the lung function lab now operate a strict 'Tuesday Only' opening slot for us clinic peoples. (Which seems ridiculous to me, so I shall sit back and complain about that to myself for a few weeks.)

Anyway, this didn't bother me, I just needed my bloods done. But then the doctor saw me, prescribed me an antibiotic and told me I *MUST* have my lung functions done in the next two weeks. I begged for September, but nope.

Considering I have been given the opportunity to travel across eastern Europe with friends for two weeks, having holidayed in America for two, been to France for one, all in this summer, I think my glass is most definately overfull and spilling over. And perhaps the teeeeeeensy price for this to pay is a few antibiotics and a few appointments here and there, and honestly, as hassle-y as it is to jumble around my schedule, and tell a few porkies I'll take it.

See....I'm not quite sure what I was trying to say or what the point really is. I'm like that, there's never a point!! I think perhaps I'm in one of my 'thinky' modes and remember back to the time where I wasn't off IVs for more than 2 weeks, tied to oxygen and simply couldn't plan anything.

Of course, I still can't plan anything, but that's for a different reason...I'm just too indesicive now. I think.